ERASMUS+KA2 project „Technological, emotional and linguistic literacy through music” (TELL through music)

The objective of the project is the development of general competencies of adults with vision deficiency in order to enrich their personal development, occupation and social integration. The innovative method “TELL through Music” includes IT (T), emotional (E) and linguistic (L) literacy (L) using the music as a didactic tool in adult education. The name of TELL method refers to its social nature through the prism of personal development and the fact that the expression of personality can be exercised in the very different ways – through the emotions and music, IT, language skills, cultural awareness manifestations. Music in this project is the means, which is important to develop such awareness by working with the direct target groups – seniors, having vision problems mostly because of their age, and the disabled, having vision deficiency. The other target group includes the music teachers, adult educators. The latter group is characterized by well-developed emotional literacy, as the art is the language of emotions. This world of music can be entered not only via emotional, but also rational, IT and foreign language-based learning way.

The strategic partnership is based on the expert characteristics of partners in the following areas: music (all partner countries), IT (Greece, Czech Republic), language and long-term experience in the adult education field (all partner countries). Project activities: situation analysis of the students’ interests and competencies; planning and theoretical justification of the problem; participative creation; assessment of competencies (1); collaborative creation; assessment of competencies (2); summary of the results; creation of methodological material.

Methods used: questionnaire, interview, observation presence, creative approach, self-assessment.

Artistic exercises (OER), created by involving IT and language learning, regulation of emotions and self-knowledge, are of three levels: Level 1- exercises, directed to the inner world of the personality, „I“; Level 2 – (communication, empathy), „Me and you.“ These exercises, carried out in small groups, foster cooperation, promote tolerance and tolerance to those who think, behave or look differently. Level 3 – communication and cooperation „Me and Us.“ Artistic exercises, performed in a group, are designed to enhance a sense of sociability, self-expression in the socio-cultural space, or, in other words „going out into public”, which is very important for people with fewer opportunities (weak-eyed, blind, elderly people with vision problems). In the course of strategic partnership project the exercises are optimized, tested in practice, the exchange of best practices takes place, which is summarized and described in the methodological material and placed on the project website.

Other intellectual product is intended for training of personnel of the adult educational institutions. Methodological materials will be created for the music teachers and hosted on the website; in order to maintain the continuity of the results of the project, the international qualifications improvement course for the adult educators and teachers of music will be developed and presented in the on-line catalogue.

Dissemination. Created artistic exercises and their methodological descriptions will be posted on the website, accessible for the adult educators.

Continuity. E1 final conference (50 participants at the national level and 10 at international level) will be allocated to consolidate and promote the experience of core competences development method TELL through music.

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